DISCOUNT TIRE COUPONS -Get up to 20% of with our Discount Tire Direct coupon codes. Are you looking for coupons to get a discount for brand new tires? Then you have come to the right place. Here you will be able to find coupons and learn how to get the newest printable coupon codes for the famous Discount Tire Company, and its sister company Discount Tire Direct, America’s premier tire outlets. And if you haven’t heard of Discount Tire, then it is about time that you do. This excellent company specializes in getting customers perfect new tires at a very low cost. Hence the name of the company.

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What is the Discount Tire Company?

The Discount Tire Company is the largest independent tire retailer in America, and it is also the one place where you can get the Arizonian brand of tires.The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and was founded in 1960 by Bruce T. Halle . The company’s 800 outlet facilities are also branded “America’s Tire Company” in Oregon and in California.

The company also operates a direct tie shipping service, known as DISCOUNT TIRE DIRECT. The Discount Tire Direct main facilities are located in Arizona, Texas and Ohio in order to reduce both shipping distances and transit times. This branch of the company offers same day shipping on all products.


Usually coupons for tire purchases at the Discount Tire Company, are sent through the mail, so make sure that you can keep an eye out for the coupon codes in your junk mail. Typically, we are talking about 50$ off or 100$ off a set of four tires, as a minimum discount, which amounts to a not too bad 10 to 20% discount. As you know tire costs are not that cheap anymore, especially if you you want top notch quality and a safety guarantee from your tires. So, shopping around is the smart thing to do. Luckily, Discount Tire Company already has some of the lowest prices in the industry, which means that you can concentrate on finding discount for just this one company.

Discount Tire coupons codes 2012 -2013 - The FREE shipping Discount Tire coupon

Discount Tire coupons codes - The FREE shipping Discount Tire coupon is used for online purchases only. It is Valid for ALL tires and wheels. An actual coupon is not actually necessary, in most cases. Amazing offer!

Where can you find the best discounts then?

Well, apart from the mail coupons, some of the good deals are actually found on Discount Tires own website.

Take this offer as an example:

Between September 1st and November 30th, 2011, you can receive up to a $80 American Express Reward Card, when you purchase a set of four select Hankook tires.

A set of four (4) qualifying Hankook tires of the same model must be purchased at the same time.
• The set can only be for one vehicle.
• This offer expires at the end of the day November 30th, 2011.

Other current offers include: BFGoodrich $50 VISA® Prepaid Card.

Also this offer is extremely attractive:

GOODYEAR and DUNLOP TIRES: Between September 17th and December 3rd, 2011, receive up to an $80 Mail-in Rebate when you purchase a set of four select Goodyear or Dunlop tires.
This is a  mail-in offer and applies to:
• A set of four (4) qualifying Goodyear or Dunlop tires of the same model must be purchased at the same time.
• The set can only be for one vehicle.
• All offers expire at the end of the day December 3rd, 2011.

See for more details.

On their website you can also sign up for email promotions, whereby you will receive all the latest deals directly from the company to your email account.

You can also try to search some of the large coupons sites like couponmom. com for the latest deals, however these websites are seldom updated regularly, and you need to make sure that the coupons have not expired.

Below, we have included a Discount Tire coupon that is active at the time of writing this. Please, make sure that it is still valid before printing it out.

We will update this website every 2 months, to make sure that the latest discount codes are available for you.

Please, watch this video, if you are unsure on which type of tires to choose:

Also, please watch this interesting video from the Today Show on coupons, if you are new to the world of coupons. The interview includes many great tips on how to find coupons for various companies:

Personally, I have only good experiences with both Discount Tire Direct and the Discount Tire Company and actually, if you cheekily ask some of the employees about coupons before hand, you will often find that they will tell which offers are available in their area, before you come in for the tire change. Just ask them. They are always car owners themselves and will certainly understand your situation.

If you have found a newer Discount Tire coupon code online that you will like to share then please add it in the comment section for everyone to enjoy. We strive to update the website every 2 months.

Happy saving!

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